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Hi there! You have reached the home page for Frazer Seymour, a software developer and computer science researcher hoping to make the world a better place.

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Some folks from Left at a Hackthon in 2017, rocking labcoats for some serious computer science!

Currently I am employed as a back-end developer on the HCI & Visualization Research team at Autodesk Research.

Before that I was an engineering manager at a startup called RightMesh, building a software-defined wireless networking framework. Through my undergrad I interned with Autodesk Research and FreshBooks.

You can see all the gory details on LinkedIn.


Receiving the University of Guelph 'Co-op of the Year Award' for my work with RightMesh in 2017.

Between 2013 and 2018 I earned a Bachelor of Computing (with a music minor!) from the University of Guelph. During this time my research focused on accessible computing: I published research with Autodesk and LifeMusic on adaptable physical interfaces for users with Dementia, won a hackathon with a reminiscence application I researched independently, and developed sonification software for visually-impaired math students as a URA at the University of Guelph.


An action shot of me on 'The Strand' in Portstewart, North Ireland.

When I'm not coding I take a lot of pictures and enjoy learning new musical instruments and playing board games.

I live in Ottawa with my wife Ashley and our cat, Murry.